1,918 miles, 4 hotels, all in 6 days – not too shabby.

First stop, Nola, or New Orleans. First time there, I had a full schedule planned, which went downhill in the first few hours due to my cellphone crashing and me not having a GPS. I didn’t get to go into the Plantations, but got to see them from the outside. Well, something to do for the next time I get back there. I will get to see these Plantations! 🙂 How beautiful are they?! (though pictures are not the best as they were drive-by shootings, so to speak)

DSC_0075_smallDSC_0072_smallDSC_0068_small DSC_0079_smallDSC_0085_small


Just in time I made it to the air-boat swamp tour. It was fun, but it’s a thing I can mark off my ‘to-do’ list as all in all, it was a bit boring. Yes, we drove out into the swamps and saw a gator, but that was about it. Our guide had a small gator in the cooler on the boat, which we got to hold, but that was basically it. He knew a lot about the land and swamps and the animals, so that was great, but as said, once is enough.

DSC_0094a_small DSC_0116a_small

DSC_0124a_small DSC_0134a_small DSC_0143a_small DSC_0147_small DSC_0152a_small DSC_0153a_small

After a 6:30am flight, 9am arrival, hours of Plantation driving and the swamp tour, I finally made it into downtown Nola, to my very beautiful and wonderful Bed & Breakfast, Melrose Mansion. I’ll get more into details about this hotel in a separate post, but here’s the outside. I highly recommend staying there!


After freshening up a bit, I hit the town. A quick 5min walk to Burbon Street and the rest of the French Quarter, which is quite amazing.

DSC_0162a_smallDSC_0179a_small DSC_0170a_small


 DSC_0173a_small DSC_0174a_smallDSC_0187a_small

DSC_0163_small DSC_0178a_small

And of courses I had to stop by the famous Napoleon House, as that’s where Napoleon was offered refuge from St. Elba’s in 1921. So what IF Napoleon would have taken that offer??? No worries, I’m already trying to come up with a film idea here!

DSC_0180a_smallDSC_0185a_small (3) DSC_0184a_small  DSC_0186a_small

DSC_0224a_smallDSC_0225a_small DSC_0226a_small

DSC_0232a_small DSC_0234a_small

DSC_0188a_small DSC_0189a_small DSC_0190a_small DSC_0195_small DSC_0196a_small DSC_0200_small DSC_0201_small

The day was finished with a Hurricane and an amazing burger at Port of Call. More on that in the food post.

The next day started at 10am already with a tour of the St. Louis Cemetery #1…yes, there are 2 more St. Louis Cemeteries, hence, make sure you take the Ernie’s tour of #1! Ernie was a fountain of information with humor and probably some good ole Souther lies in his stories (which he says he doesn’t mind telling). Despite the 103F heat, it was a great time.



DSC_0204a_small DSC_0206a_small

This grave is to be thought as the 3rd most visited grave in the US, after Elvis and JFK.  DSC_0207a_small

DSC_0208a_small DSC_0209a_small

This will be Nicolas Cage’s tomb- yup, idiot bought this already! 😉DSC_0210a_small

DSC_0211a_smallDSC_0214a_small DSC_0217a_small (2) DSC_0221a_small

I then went on to lunch, and went to Cochon, recommended by my friend Sarah, which was a bit out of the way, but as a tourist, didn’t mind that at all and it was well worth it. More info on the separate post about food a bit later.

Off to the French Market for some yummy desert – bignets…sooo good. Then, a client/friend picked me up and drove me around Nola and gave me his personal tour of the city. So sweet and lovely of him to do so – thanks so much again, Larry! I continued the evening at the o-so-famous Pat O’Brien, and its Hurricane – wow – and then on to Frenchman Street for some good ole Southern Blues.

DSC_0241a_small DSC_0247a_small

That’s it. The two days in Nola flew by and cannot wait to go back to explore more of its surroundings, and explore much more of its food and drink, as it was just wonderful. Thanks y’all.