The food is wonderful. And cheap! 🙂 The freshest seafood, the juiciest stakes, and ham, oh the ham! I was lucky enough to stumble upon a local street-fair, where they had local ham makers. Oh so good!

Near Bellem, right under the “Golden Gate” Bridge, is a whole pier by the water with tons of restaurants. They’re fun, crowded and yummy. But remember, you’re in Europe, time is different there, so don’t think you’ll get quick service. Just sit, enjoy, chill, and take a few hours for lunch or dinner. It’s ok, no worries, no hurries.

5 Oceanos Lisboa

Restaurante Don Pomodoro –

Bica Do Sapato – Great restaurant literally right by the water. The current is so strong, you felt as if you were on a boat. Food and service was great! Client paid, so can’t comment on price.

Cinco Lounge – what a funky bar. Two sides surrounded by windows, all covered up though, so you’re in a completely dark space. The drinks are INSANE. Funky mojitos, funky juices, all served in cans or ice sculptures. Service was awesome and the atmosphere great. Client paid, so can’t comment on price.

Kais Restaurante – – insanely huge place. Gothic of some sort. Right by the water again. Food was great. We had a massive buffet as we were a few hundret people. Staff was friendly. If they have regular dining hours, try it out, why not.

A Travessa – wow, just wow. Thanks to my friend, Scott, who recommended I go there. Pricey, not just for Lisbon, but anywhere, but so freakin’ worth it. Totally hidden in the streets of Lisbon, a BEAUTIFUL restaurant venue and atmosphere.

You sit down and get served 7 appitizers, aka tappas, right away. From scrambled eggs, to an oyster, to green peppers (which I can’t/couldn’t eat), to spinach, meat and fish, and god-knows-what. Awesome. Then, the menu. I could not decide…EVERYTHING sounded too good, but I went with the fois-gras, which was superb.