The Food was GREAT!

First night we went out (a group of 15) was off to a beaten path sushi place. Normally, not something to ‘venture’ out to when in the middle of the country too far away from any ocean, but this one is so beyond worth it!

SPOSTAS WORLD SUSHI & SALADS is owned by Christian, who treated us like royalty. We all had beers, some had sake (me), and masses of sushi…especially the Christian roll!

Here’s our group:


The next day while it was snowing, we wanted a quick lunch in our gear, right at the bottom of the ski-slope at TRUFFLE PIG. While my food, the chicken pot pie, the pizza and the salads were all great, the staff was slow and the burgers beyond undercooked. After a 2nd round of burgers was ordered, which came out almost even more raw, we received a free lunch. The burgers were inexcusable, but to give us the entire bill for free, was pretty cool. We still left a nice tip.

That evening it was the girls that went out alone. And despite our timing being a bit off – EVERYONE was going to dinner at the same time as the fireworks ended, we ended up in one of the best Italian food places in the entire town.

Cozy, open atmosphere, with a cool vibe and buzz inside it. MAMBO ITALIANO had amazing pasta…and we had 4 different dishes, and great wine! You will sleep really well after a dish from there!

On our last morning, our friend Jenifer recommended WINONA’S RESTAURANT. Wow. What a fantastic breakfast place and bakery! It kept us full until dinner! Really wonderful.

All in all, foodies, small-town Steamboat is the place to go!