Hi all,

It’s been quite a while since I posted, but it’s just been too busy. But this little side-trip to Denver and Steamboat (along with getting my greencard), did me wonders.

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me and organizing our lodging and dinners, etc while there, Emily L for driving and letting me stay with her in Denver, and the Wolfpack on the Snow, Muff and Jenifer for a fun weekend! I’ll talk about four main restaurants in a separate post.

Here are a few pictures from my hours in Denver. Interesting modern art around the city with the Mountains as the back-drop. Nice!!

DSC_1746aDSC_1667a DSC_1668a   DSC_1682a DSC_1687a  DSC_1685a DSC_1681aDSC_1684a  DSC_1677a DSC_1669a DSC_1676aDSC_1674a DSC_1675a  DSC_1672a DSC_1671a

Steamboat skiing was awesome. Was a bit rusty after 10 years of not skiing and am still paying for it with a swollen ankle, but it was well worth it.

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Celebrating Mardi Gras while, during and after skiing! 😉

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Evening festivities in town – ski jumping and mountain-biking!

 DSC_1708_a DSC_1705a DSC_1700a DSC_1699a

Our view from the girls’ apartment. Sweet.


On the last day, Steamboat had a whole parade and games. Great fun.

 DSC_1731a DSC_1730a DSC_1725a DSC_1724a DSC_1723a DSC_1721a

My first real good photobomb!


On the drive back to Denver, had some difficult weather and eventually traffic. But it gave me time to take some cool pics.

DSC_1739a DSC_1743a DSC_1742a DSC_1737b