I got an impromptu wedding invite that I couldn’t pass up on…one, ’cause I felt really honored to have been invited; two, I had been wanting to see some other friends for quite a while; and three, I hadn’t been back to Washington, D.C. in 30 years. Despite the 100+F degrees, I had a wonderful time!

I also had very mixed feelings about being there. The Capitol of the US, and the most powerful country of the world, the country of dreams and opportunity. Yet, for the past 20 years, it’s been given me and my family the worst time to actually persue this ‘happiness’. So it was very bitter-sweet to be there.

The wedding was at the Navy Yard, and the bride and groom were stunning. My first wedding ‘shoot’.



The next day, Astrid (the maid of honor) and I went onto our (first) tour of D.C. where she took these fun pictures.


Later on, passing through the mani Train Station in D.C., Union Station, we went to a German restaurant and bar, met up with Silky, had beer and watched the Germans kick some Greek butt. We were so happy to be inside as outside it was a sweltering 100F.

Since I had left my camera battery at my friend’s place, the next day, Astrid and I rented bikes and did the whole tour over again! Luckily, the weather was cooler and much better for photos.

The Capitol

A lovely Government Building

The National Gallery

The National Archives

The National Monument

The White House

Picture at home, will insert soon

The Old Lock House on the way to the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

We then went to Georgetown – lovely area. We had a “linner” – instead of brunch, we had food in between lunch and dinner time – around 4:30pm.


*Taken by Astrid

Then, off to the Kennedy Center where we also passed the infamous Watergate Housing complex – it’s huge!

Inside the Kennedy Center and on top of the roof.


And then to old Alexandria – fun! Where we ran into Robb and Tyler.

Then, Sunday, one last meet up with an OLD friend, Jen-Jen.