While at our airline conference, APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association), we get to eat at a lot of great place.

The first one was the Purple Cafe. Insanly interesting staircase/wine-cellar in the center of the restaurant (see below – I did not take the picture).  Great atmosphere despite the bright light from the street lights shining onto us, great wine, and food. Our server was excellent. Highly recommendable.

The following night, we went Italian…Tulio Ristorante. I can still taste the sweet potato gnocchi, which were just phenominal, as was everything else. On the high-scale, but probably, my favorite restaurant in Seattle by far. (I did not take the picture below).

As I stayed on the Sheraton Seattle Hotel (in downtown Seattle by the convention center), I did end up going to its in-house restaurant the Daily Grill Restaurant. For a restaurant that’s right by a convention center, and supposedly used to a lot of traffic, the service is not so good, but the food was decent.

The Hotel itself was…well, another cookie-cutter-type of hotel. Heater didn’t work, and they didn’t clean up my food for over 2 days.

Last but not least, I also went to Il Bistro. ‎

Great little up-scale’ish dive place, with amazing gnocchi…yes, I love my gnocchi. It’s hidden, romantic, and away from any buzz. It was also right around the corner of the ‘famous’ bubble-gum wall. And yes, I did take these pictures. 🙂