After years and years of going to LA and Santa Monica, I finally had some time last year (2010) to take pictures while at the American Film Market (AFM).

Over the years, Santa Monica has changed a bit and sometimes not for the better. The homeless problem is a real problem as they seem to be mentally challenged and do seem to turn violent at times. Just cross the street to be safe. Otherwise, it’s still a great place. I’ll talk about hotels and my favorite restaurants in another post.

FYI, the couple on the beach was from Korea and had a professional photographer standing further inland on the beach, who I didn’t see as I was standing on the pier. Once I saw them, I walked downstairs to see if they wanted my pictures as well, gave them my business card, but their English was so bad, I don’t think they understood as they never contacted me. Too bad as I think the pics turned out quite nicely.