I keep saying that I’m not a writer, and I’m not. But with all the travel I do, it’s getting more difficult keeping track of where I’ve been, where I’ve stayed and what I’ve done. So, I decided to create a blog where I can remind myself of all these things. 🙂 And, I do like to share my travel experiences…which I hope helps you if/when you visit that certain destination, and as said, help preserve my memories of my world, adventurous, and fun travels.

Photography has become more and more of a hobby of mine and I hope you enjoy some of my pictures (all pictures on this site were taken by myself, unless otherwise indicated). I will also try to give reviews of hotels/resorts/B&Bs and other items (tours, etc) whenever possible. I’ll post those separately, so that they’ll be easier to find (hopefully).

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, please share. Would love to hear from you and your wordly, adventurous, and fun travel experiences as well.

Much love and safe travels!