My first ever real beach vacation. Also, my first ever real single trip. Necessary, relaxing, and great fun on Antigua in the Caribbean. Only 4 1/2 hours direct flight from Newark, NJ.

Landing at one of the smallest airports (just one run-way), you’re welcomed by the friendly locals. I took a cab to my all-inclusive resort, which took a good 30min and wasn’t cheap. If you’re staying at a more high-end resort, I’d say take their shuttle if they have one.

The island itself can be driven around in 1 day, but it’s quite hilly and watch for bad drivers. The food is generally ok, but best is to find a real local to cook some food for you.

I did the zip-line in the ‘jungle’ which was awesome. Cost was pretty high, but worth it for the first time, and the crew was friendly and safe! I also went snorkling for the first time. Initially, I thought I was going to be claustrophobic, but after a while, the beauty of the reef and the fish took over and the breathing calmed down. I love it now, and can’t wait to go again!

I’ll talk a bit more about my resort in another post. But I can only recommend Antigua highly if you’re looking to do a real beach-resort-do-nothing-kind-of-vacation! Thumbs up! 😉